Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ball Hughes & White Mountain Art

I've added the new Willey House and White Mountain Art webpages to the site and revised the New Hampshire Studio webpage. These are my first pages to include video to enhance your experience. Start with the New Hampshire Studio webpage and take the tour.

This was the most work and the most fun I've had working on any topic for From a single notation about the Willey House on the back of a Ball Hughes family photo of his New Hampshire Studio, I discovered that he was one of the first artists-in-residence at the first Artist's Colony in America in North Conway, NH around 1860.

Ball Hughes rustic studio was in the woods behind the Willey House in Crawford Notch in the White Mountains near North Conway, NH. The Willey House was the birthplace of White Mountain Art after the Willey Tragedy in 1826.

I think I enjoyed this research so much because I love the outdoors and the stories of the Willey House are captivating and the scenery of Crawford Notch is breathtaking. I hope you enjoy the trip to Crawford Notch!

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